Artistic Pool/Spa’s 12 Steps to Basic Swimming Pool Construction

Artistic Pool/Spa’s 12 Steps to Basic Swimming Pool Construction

The Process – The following is a basic pool design and there may be other phases depending on your individual pool, the features you have chosen and the building codes for the jurisdiction permitting your project.

The 12 Steps

  1. Excavation – The basic digging out of the ground for the depth and length of your pool, trenching for underground utility installation.
  2. Underground plumbing – The plumbing pipes are laid in trenches and placed in/around pool.
  3. Set major pool equipment – The pump, filter, heater, skimmer, all major valves are set and pressurized.
  4. Steel – The structural steel frame for your pool is installed.
  5. Underground/rough electrical – Conduit is installed for the future electrical needs and equipment.
  6. Shotcrete – The concrete spraying over the steel to build the actual walls, steps, benches, etc. for your pool.
  7. Tile – We will send you a tile selection letter which notifies you it is time to pick out tile or stone.  Once we receive your selection, the tile/stone will be delivered and installed.
  8. Finish Electric – The pool/spa lights, remote system, pool panel and other final electrical equipment is installed.
  9. Decking – This is a two phase process.  One is the actual deck pour.  The second is the deck surface.
  10. Gates – Gates must be brought up to special codes specifically for a residence with a pool.
  11. Plaster – Interior finish of your pool. 
  12. Start-up – Once final inspections have passed, we will start up all of the equipment and assure that everything is in proper working order.  Furthermore, we will go through your system with you so that you have a basic knowledge of how the equipment works.

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