Rodgers' Las Vegas backyard oasisTo Anyone Considering Investing in an In-Ground Pool and Spa, I would like to start out by saying my wife, Candace and I love our Artistic Pool and Spa. We spent months researching designs, features and contractors last year and believe we could not have made a better choice than choosing Wade and Artistic Pools to be our contractor. We easily interviewed over 10 pool contracting companies, and none were as professional, straight-forward and organized as Wade. The service and advice, before, during and after the construction and set up of our pool and spa has been extraordinary and we strongly and confidently recommend Artistic Pools to whoever is interested in considering investing their time and resources in a pool and/or spa.

When we started this process last year we really had no idea how much was involved in having a pool constructed or the cost. We spent well over a month meeting with potential pool contractors and landscapers. Most of the contractors wanted a decision just hours after we had met for the first time and offered ‘incentives’ for us to sign a contract immediately or lose this ‘incentive” forever. Most started out with a base price and then everything else was extra, including the ‘extra feet’ required to hook everything up. Most of the base prices were for very basic equipment and nearly all upgrades were extra. If we were willing to sign “today”, some of the upgrades would be “thrown in” at ‘no additional cost”.

Before we met with Wade, we had already sat down with several other pool companies and were getting pretty discouraged. Wade’s presentation was simple and easy to evaluate. His basic pool package was straight-forward, comprehensive and he only had a few upgrades to consider and no extra costs to consider. The base price included most of the upgrades we wanted and the others were mostly aesthetic or labor-saving options. When I compared his basic package and options to the other bids, his was not the most inexpensive, but did offer the most value for the price.

Construction began in April of last year and was completed efficiently and competently, with little disruption of our private and professional lives. Wade was easy to contact, returned our correspondence quickly and was on site, supervising the construction several times a week. He addressed all of our concerns as they came up and connected us with capable and competent vendors. The pool was actually finished ahead of schedule and well-coordinated with the landscapers we had contracted with. I can honestly say, we did not have any issues with Artistic Pools or any of their subcontractors.

Once the pool was completed, Wade showed us how to use all of the equipment and has been available whenever we forgot how to work something or when we have had additional questions.

We love showing off our pool and spa. We use them every chance we get and can’t believe how maintenance-free and easy to operate they are. We have the salt-water chlorination system, the in-pool cleaning system and the remote control device and can’t imagine going back to adding chemicals, constantly vacuuming the pool or having to manually adjust the pool settings.

Needless to say, if we had to do this all over again, we would still choose and strongly recommend Artistic Pools and Wade.

Dr. Christopher S. and Candace J. Rodgers