Step 12 – Start-up

Once your pool has passed all final inspections, we will start up all of the equipment to assure that everything is in proper working order.  Furthermore, we will go through your system with you step by step so that you have a basic knowledge of how the equipment works. It's time to enjoy your backyard [...]

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Step 9 – Decking

The decking process happens in two phases. The first phase is the actual deck pour which creates the main structure for the deck. The second phase is the installation of the deck surface. It is during the second phase that the beauty of your new deck truly comes to life.        

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Step 7 – Tile

Shortly before we are ready to begin the tile installation phase of the build, we will send you a letter notifying you that it's time to pick out tile or stone. Once we receive your selection, the tile and stone will be delivered to your home and installed.        

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